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Charelle Evelyn

Charelle Evelyn

Reporter for the Prince George Citizen

Journalist, west coast native, music lover. Made in Canada.

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All Tomorrow's Stages

Scene Magazine.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro 2014-12-03 15-33-37Photo Cred: Christos SargiogosIn his short DJ career, Shane Patrick Riley (SPR) can already point to a major highlight – getting a track featured on a Brillz mix with Handsome House partner Jimi Smyth.

“That was probably the biggest accomplishment,” said Riley, who became strongly interested in electronic dance music and DJing in early 2009. By 2010, Riley joined Outlet Records and two years later he was signed to Funkvine Recordings. Okanagan-bred, Riley became a part of the Prince George scene when he arrived in the city to attend UNBC. Smyth and Riley met through the scene and found they shared the same passion and musical goals. In 2013, the pair placed second in an open contest to play at TomorrowWorld (though eventually they would have been thwarted by their non-U.S. resident status) and played the beach stage at Kelowna’s Center of Gravity.

Riley was drawn to music at an early age, taking up piano initially when his grandfather noticed the basically-still-atoddler could play by ear. Distaste for reading music led to leaving the piano bench behind, but Riley picked up the guitar and other instruments in high school. That foundation is put to use creating house music.

“It’s complicated as hell,” Riley said. “Not only do you have to be able to write chords, you also have to mix all the music… that means you’re going to be playing the bass, the guitar leads, the backings, the drums.” And that is in addition to creating unique sounds using synths and other effects. When it all comes together, it’s magic. And that magic can be found at Nancy O’s for where SPR shares the Sicker Than Your Average bill with Smyth and Ricky Business and at various Focvs Events productions.

Hear SPR online at https:// riley and learn more at:,,

Bitten by the Recording bug

Scene Magazine.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro 2014-12-03 15-28-55

Now that they’ve had a taste, Sound Addiction can’t quite shake the habit. This summer saw one of Prince George’s busiest bands hit the recording studio for the first time, recording a three-song EP of original material.

“It’s pretty cool,” said singer Joël Kress. “People are asking for it, ‘I want a CD, I want to hear you.’ And now that we have something, they’re saying ‘this is awesome, but I need more.’” Collaborating with Darren Patterson, Sound Addiction – also made up of guitarist Mike Vigano, bass player Dan McLelland and drummer Kirby Gerrie – took the tunes written by the Gates of Oath bassist and worked them into something distinctly theirs.

“How the guys play, my voice, that all makes it our sound. If it’s too fluffy then we have to change it a little bit so it’s got a rock edge,” Kress said. Recorded at Chesletta Records, the whole process had fuelled the fire to have a full-length album, said Kress. It’s been an exciting journey for Kress, who didn’t know she could sing until she picked up a karaoke mic in her 20s. “When I first started, I didn’t know where my place was. My friend brought into his band and I kind of figured out my way,” she said. “Now that I have Sound Addiction and I know exactly what I’m doing up on stage, I want originals, I want people to be singing our lyrics and knowing our licks.

“It’s very contagious. I love, love being up there. When people are singing something back at you that you wrote, that just hits you in the heart.” Sound Addiction took to the CN Centre stage twice this year in a six-week span, serving as the opening act for God Save the Queen and Count 77. “From one gig to the next, the momentum just went up,” said Kress. “The people and the energy we got back was just so amazing and so overwhelming I actually had a little moment onstage where I had tears in my eyes and I had to take a second.”

The moments continue to pile up for Kress, who had another overwhelming moment sitting in her own living room and hearing her voice come over the radio. “I was like ‘hey, wait a minute – that’s me.’ I didn’t even know it was going to be playing,” Kress said. “It’s surreal and humbling and heartwarming to know that, wow, we accomplished that.” Like Sound Addiction on Facebook to stay on top of their busy gig schedule.

House Party

Just because the sun goes down during the 2015 Canada Winter Games doesn’t mean the excitement stops. Citizen Special Events and Cariboo Brewing are teaming up to present Cariboo House – the downtown hot spot that comes alive after the athletes have gone to bed. Think of it as the “games after dark,” said James Matosevic of Citizen Special Events.

Cariboo House is a nightly 19+ venue at 1192 Fifth Avenue (formerly known as Heartbreakers). Doors open at 7 p.m. during 18-day February sporting event and stay open until 3 a.m.

It’s really a place for people to come together and talk about the Games or meet up with other people from around the country, Matosevic said.

Scene Magazine.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro 2014-12-03 15-22-30

Cariboo Brewing is tricking out the entire venue, redecorating the space and adding a media wall where a photographer will be snapping every night for a photo spread to be featured in the next day’s Citizen. The first few hours each night will have more of a social house atmosphere, for guests to mix and talk with light entertainment. But after 11 p.m., the lights will go down and the party will come up.

Whether your idea of fun is hitting the dance floor to tracks spun by headlining DJs, belting out karaoke with a live band, two-stepping to country music, chatting up guest athletes or kicking back in the upper-level VIP spot with food and friends, Cariboo House is aiming to be the après-ski worth showing up for.

Nightly entry is $10, with wristbands available that are good for one, seven or all 18 nights.

Tickets are available at the Prince George Citizen office (150 Brunswick St.) or online through Eventbrite. To reserve your group a night in the VIP level, contact Norm Coyne or James Matosevic at 250-562-2441 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

A little about me

ncoyne3Norm Coyne has been active in local arts, entertainment and promotions for 15 years. He developed the Scene PG to provide local artists and musicians with exposure as well as connect a broader audience to the events and talent Prince George has to offer.


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