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Norm Coyne

Norm Coyne

Promotions Executive
Office 250 562 2441 ext. 362 |Cell 250 640-6670 | 150 Brunswick Street | Prince George BC V2L 5K9

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Will work for food

SCE-140610-MZ-A.pdf - Adobe Reader 2014-06-25 14-46-42DANIEL MCLEOD IS NOT A NEW


Now heading into a new project that is anything but stationary, Daniel McLeod and Rii Levesque have undertaken an artistic journey across the country .The traveling beauty photographer and Rii - one of his top models are on a 3 month cross Canada RV/ photography tour called “Will Work For Fuel” So what exactly does that mean? “It means that we are looking for models and photogs to work with along the way to help pay for fuel, but also not limited to photography and modelling.” Mcelod said.

Accommodations meaning somewhere to rest the motorhome for their stay in each area which is a costly thing. As well, the gypsy duo are looking for people with a large property/farm/local business that are willing to let them work off the spot by working on their farm or business. All the while they are recording the journey and the interesting jobs they are doing and broadcasting it in a web reality series on YouTube. “Maybe one week we are at a dairy farm and have to milk cows then the next week we are the docks of nova scotia getting ready to go to sea and catch fish!” Daniel mentioned.

“Who knows what we will have to do in order to make it across Canada and back but each week will be a different adventure for everyone to follow along with. “ You can find the two adventurers on YouTube at my channel “Daniel McLeod”. Their journey started June 1st so content will be coming out within a few weeks after that and will be updated every week. For information on how to get involved in Daniel and Rii’s adventure or to inquire about making your town a stop along the way, go to

Let there be rock

There’s no room for modesty in rock and roll, but there’s also no room for ego.

The Prince George foursome that make up Mathias Rock are a study of contradictions, a group who take their music seriously but have a hard time not laughing at themselves.

“To some people, rock might be a dying music genre. We don’t give a fuck,” said bassist Sasa Seslija. “We plan to destroy today’s mainstream rock by becoming today’s mainstream rock.”

Inspired by and subtly influenced by everything from punk, Deep Purple and electronic dance music, the members of Mathias Rock – including eponymous leader Mathias Rock – say they’re leaving behind their earlier musical sexcapades.

“[The new songs] are about the glory of rock and roll,” said Rock.

“At this point in our lives, it’s about hoisting rock and roll on a higher pedestal than pussy,” Seslija chimed in.

Despite having the band named after him, Rock said he doesn’t feel too much pressure. But his bandmates, including keyboardist Shawn Cannon and drummer Chester Hewkin speak highly of him, revealing the programmer and sound engineer’s penchant for creating instruments from scratch.

“Mat’s a bit of a mad scientist,” said Seslija. “He just doesn’t toot his own horn.”

Over the summer the band is working on cranking out new studio tracks and keeping their spirits high. “You have to want to rock,” said Cannon. “Rock’s about feeling good.”

Keep up with Mathias Rock on Facebook, at

Boogaloo... Make it Funky

After a hiatus from running regular night's in PG, Anthony Voitik (Afreakwent) and Neil Steinbart (Nelos) are at it again introducing a whole new night to everyone’s favorite party pub Nancy O’s. We caught up with them to find out what we can expect from the new monthly event.


"The Boogaloo promises an alternative to the more aggressive music nights around town and looks to deliver a rooted experience for those craving something more universal and soulful." says Anthony. In an effort to revive funk and true to the roots house music the pair developed the concept of basing the night around funk, disco, and soul hoping to bring about the forward thinking atmosphere of the genres.

"Anyone can relate to it no matter what age," says Voitik, "and much of it is used and resampled to make the funk and house music of today." UNBC radio station CFUR is lending support to the night as well which is something of a first for DJ events around town. Steinbart - longtime host of his own weekly CFUR program (Inside the Intro) along side Jo Hollis will be airing the night's as they transpire.

"For the opening night, starting at 10pm, we're going to be broadcasting the entire length of the event on CFUR 88.7 FM as it's own show. The station has been incredibly supportive and we've reached an agreement to have all the future shows aired as well." says Steinbart.

Added to the mix are two new members from CFURs staple evening show “Rock'n'Soul”, DJ Jazzy Jo and The Fresh Princess. Their program has been the go-to evening broadcast for a while now and they are looking to bring their upbeat energy to the show, as well as their discerning taste in classic funk, soul and disco records. Their set is cued up to open the night and promises to get the crowd into a great mood.

"Come down for a great dinner or appies, loosen up with a few drinks on special, let the music and great atmosphere of Nancy O's get you moving." says Anthony. "This night is sure to be filled with an amazing crowd, good times."

Check things out at

A little about me

ncoyne3Norm Coyne has been active in local arts, entertainment and promotions for 15 years. He developed the Scene PG to provide local artists and musicians with exposure as well as connect a broader audience to the events and talent Prince George has to offer.


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