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Norm Coyne

Norm Coyne

Promotions Executive
Office 250 562 2441 ext. 362 |Cell 250 640-6670 | 150 Brunswick Street | Prince George BC V2L 5K9

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Cariboo House

The Westwood Pub

The Westwood is everyone’s
neighbourhood pub, no matter where in
the city you live.

As the city has grown and society’s personality has changed, the Westwood has moved along with the times, doing a major renovation and reboot five years ago that is still popping with new energy. They are a downtown social hotspot that’s not even downtown - they make the rest of the city feel cool too, at their corner on Westwood & Cherry in between Pine Centre Mall and Superstore. The Westwood is the home of the modern Canadian. There is a lot of hockey feel in the room, with chilled glasses in the cooler, the coldest beer in town, and that beer has all the flavours of today’s appreciative brew culture. You can get the tried and true brands as well, but the taps and bottles are stacked in craft varieties we now demand at the end of our hard workday. Hometown favourites from Pacific Western Brewery and our neighbours at Barkerville Brewing Company are at the top of the list, with good friends from other beer boutiques like Phillips, Driftwood, Okanagan Spring, Steamwhistle, and many more

Owner-operator Nate Coole said the attention people now pay to beer also applies to the way people enjoy food.

“We source our ingredients as close to Prince George as we can, fresh, and we make sure our chicken is grain-fed, our beef is steroid-free, all our soups are made daily in our own kitchen, our sauces are made in-house. Food has become an important part of everyday life for people, and it is has become a big part of our Westwood identity.” Coole is a third-generation nightspot businessman in Prince George. He grew up in the local hospitality and entertainment scene and he loves living in the northern capital as it bursts into the new century.

“This is a great city full of great people. I like the people who come to the Westwood, we want to provide an atmosphere here where everyone feels like they’re in a big livingroom at home. We have relationships with the customers who come here to enjoy themselves. The front-of-house staff, the kitchen staff, the deejays, everyone on the team is on the same page about that. We want to see that smile on your face when you come in the door.”

The Westwood is not just a spot on the city’s map, it’s a local company with Prince George people working in every corner of the operation. That’s why they sponsor youth sports, invest in hospital equipment, contribute to UNBC athletics, give performance opportunities for local musicians, and slapped their name on the Westwood Pub PG Rec Hockey League. “We are all big fans of PG, and we love to meet people,” said Coole. “If you want a good time, hear great music, enjoy safe and positive surroundings, eat great food, and just hang out with us - the staff loves to be here too - then come down to the Westwood.”


Storefront Studio presents When a Tree Falls by guest artist Joanna Smythe, a recent graduate of the Emily Carr Master of Applied Arts Program.

Smythe works at the intersection between installation, sculpture, and drawing, and examines our constructed and romanticized view of nature. Tree Falling is a projected light assemblage that uses three-dimensional objects to create a two-dimensional image, setting up a playful dialogue between real and illusionistic space.

Winged incorporates local high-grade pulp to form the components of this cast paper kinetic sculpture. The clichéd image of angel wings inspires notions of transcendence from human and earth-bound concerns. This is never possible for the disembodied forms in this sculpture that endlessly circulate within their tethered flight path.

The kinetic piece also makes the viewer aware of their own presence in the space as they navigate past the moving parts that greet them at the gallery entrance.

Storefront Studio is an independent Artist Run Space that encourages experimental, alternative, and new media works.

A little about me

ncoyne3Norm Coyne has been active in local arts, entertainment and promotions for 15 years. He developed the Scene PG to provide local artists and musicians with exposure as well as connect a broader audience to the events and talent Prince George has to offer.


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