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Norm Coyne

Norm Coyne

Promotions Executive
Office 250 562 2441 ext. 362 |Cell 250 640-6670 | 150 Brunswick Street | Prince George BC V2L 5K9

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Experience the delights of Jasper and Marmot Basin

PGSG-160223-MZ-A print.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro 2016-03-10 11-38-26Venture closer to home this winter and experience the delights of Jasper and Marmot Basin.

For those who slice frozen paths and ascend high trails, Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a designated Dark Sky Preserve… and it’s all on your door step!

Only 4 hours from Prince George, Jasper is the perfect place to embrace winter this year; whether you’re shredding the slopes at Marmot Basin, star-gazing next to a frozen lake, or getting cozy in front of a fire, there’s something to suit everyone.

As the northernmost Rocky Mountain ski area with the highest base elevation in Canada, Marmot Basin enjoys abundant dry, natural snow from mid- November to early May. It is one of the most diverse ski areas in North America, designed for all abilities, from novice to expert, covering 1,675 acres on four mountain faces. You will find everything from long, perfectly groomed trails to high alpine bowls and steep chutes filled with Rocky Mountain powder.

Skiing and snowboarding is always fun, but when you combine it with breathtaking mountain vistas, gorgeous spring days and awesome snow conditions it becomes AMAZING! Jasper Welcomes LGBTQA Travelers to Celebrate “From Jasper With Love” Running from March 17th to 20th, the 2016 Jasper Pride Festival sends its love and invites visitors to celebrate in a community that is known for welcoming everyone with wide open arms. This year’s jam-packed program features 25 events over four days. The (00)7th Annual Jasper Pride Gala Party “From Jasper With Love” on Saturday the 19th will be the place to be this winter in Jasper! This not-so-subtle nod to the classic James Bond film encourages guests to dress up and defy Bond stereotypes via cross-dressing, showcasing gender diversity or expressing fluid gender-roles, all while meeting new friends and dancing the night away.

With discounted Lift Tickets available to Pride Festival attendees, the “Pride on the Hill” event is a great time to experience the great snow conditions and friendly hospitality at Marmot Basin. Fun costumes, music and a group ski all combine to create a wonderful day on the slopes.

Other festival highlights include live concerts, themed movie matinees, and winter activities such as guided ice canyon hikes, ice climbing and dog-sledding, all of which will be exclusive to Pride guests.

For a full event schedule and more information on the 7th Annual Jasper Pride Festival, visit

The tale of a town

Theatre NorthWest is proud to present: The Tale of a Town – Prince George

The Tale of a Town will gather and map our main street stories and create a performance installation presented by Theatre NorthWest as part of our centennial celebrations!

The Tale of a Town - Canada is a nationwide theatre and media initiative aiming to capture the collective community memory of Canada’s main streets, one story at a time. This cultural project has been touring the country, visiting small towns and big cities alike, collecting oral histories through interviews with independent business owners, local heroes, community stakeholders, and neighbourhood residents and their next stop is here in Prince George.

The Tale of a Town will take up residence in a downtown storefront location at the Ramada Hotel, and has been conducting interviews about our memories of downtown Prince George.

Stories gathered during these interviews will inspire the creation of a performance installation that will incorporate audio, archives, music and soundscape that will fill the space at the hotel. The play’s interviews will also be a podcast that will be heard during the performances as well as nationally and an instillation indoor performance at the Ramada Hotel in a secret location! This one hour multimedia performance piece will be offered to local school groups on March 4 at 10 am and 12 pm and then for the public on March 4 at 8pm, March 5 at 2, 4, and 8 pm and March 6 at 2 and 4 pm; to culminate the 100 Year anniversary celebrations of Prince George. The performance will feature local talents working in collaboration with FIXT POINT, the producing company from Toronto.

Admission is free or by a small donation but seating is limited so reservations are required.

To book a space at one of these unique performances book online at or call Theatre NorthWest (250) 563-6969 Ext 306.

The 20th Annual Cinema CNC Film Festival

Cinema CNC is pleased to be presenting the 20th Annual Cinema CNC Film Festival, March 18th to 20th, 2016 at the Prince George Playhouse.

Tickets will be available on February 29th, at Books and Company, The CNC Bookstore, and The UNBC Bookstore. Please let your friends know about the festival. The films are all confirmed; the dates and times are subject to change... we hope to have a guest for the festival and would like to highlight his/ her film, so need to be flexible.

For updates see


MARCH 18: 7 PM
DIR: Mark Sawers CANADA,
80 minutes
Cast: Kristine Cofsky, Patrick
Gilmore, Rekha Sharma
This wry mockumentary posits an alternate history where an
explosion of virgin births from the 1950s onwards has taken
men out of the procreation equation: now that only girls are
being born, it seems that men’s days on earth are numbered.
At thirty-seven years old, Andrew Myers is now the youngest
man in the world. He has a quiet life working as a nanny for
Terra and Iris, until he begins having an affair with Iris, and
the two have to hide their love. With the end of humanity
as we know it approaching, the couple’s actions will take on
historical proportions.

MARCH 18: 9:30
DIR: Andrew Cividino
CANADA, 2015
90 minutes
Cast: Jackson Martin, Nick
Serino, Reece Moffett
This is a whip-smart study of the emotional extremes of
adolescence, and their potentially catastrophic effects. Nate,
Riley, and Adam are dealing with boredom with dim-witted
shenanigans until Taylor arrives to change their social balance.
If you’ve ever spent a teenage summer in a rural area with little
supervision and nothing much to do, you’ll instantly recognize
both the ennui and the creeping atmosphere of mystery and
menace that pervades the experience. Cividino creates a
volatile, captivating and singular look at adolescence, wholly
free of the sanitized antics of Hollywood.


MARCH 19: 1 PM
DIR:Brian D. Johnson
CANADA, 2015
92 minutes. Documentary
With: Margaret Atwood,
Leonard Cohen, Sarah
Harmer, Michael Ondaatje,
Eurithe Purdy, Tanya Tagaq
An icon of Canadian letters, Al Purdy was equal parts rock
star, raconteur, and rabble-rouser: in other words, all poet.
Coming to prominence in the 1960s alongside a crop of other
extraordinary talents, Purdy scorned the tired tales of rural
life that had dominated Canadian literature and set out to
focus on contemporary Canadian experience. What emerges
is a far more complex portrait of Purdy than was suggested by
his public persona as the boisterous lover of booze, brawls,
and verse, immortalized in his best-known poems.

MARCH 19: 7 PM
DIR: Atom Egoyan
CANADA, 2015
95 minutes
Cast: Christopher Plummer,
Martin Landau, Henry Czerny
Master filmmaker Atom Egoyan tackles one of the darkest
chapters of history, giving legendary actor Christopher
Plummer a majestic role as an elderly Holocaust survivor
seeking revenge on the man responsible for the deaths of
his family. Plummer plays Zev, a recent widower whose
deteriorating state forces him to be placed in permanent
care. When he discovers that the concentration-camp guard
who murdered his relatives is now living in America under an
assumed identity, Zev resolves to fulfill his final vow to his wife
by exacting vengeance on the escaped war criminal.

MARCH 19: 9:30
DIR: Patricia Rozema
CANADA, 2015
96 minutes
Cast: Ellen Page, Evan Rachel
Wood, Callum Keith Rennie
A mesmerizing story about two sisters who are forced to
fend for themselves in a society that may be on the brink of
collapse. Living with their recently widowed father in a house
over thirty miles from the nearest town, sisters Nell and Eva
gradually become aware of the severity of their situation as
their supplies dwindle and the blackout continues. As they
contend with the threats of intruders, disease, loneliness and
starvation, the young women are forced to re-examine their
place in the world and their relations to the land, their home,
and each other.

MARCH 20: 2 PM
[Our Loved Ones]
DIR: Anne Émond
French w. subtitles,
102 minutes
Cast: Maxim Gaudette,
Karelle Tremblay, Valérie
Protected by his well-intentioned siblings from the truth about
his father’s death, the sensitive David has grown into a loving
husband and father of two, living a seemingly fulfilling life. But
as the years go by, during which time his relationship with his
wilder brother begins to strain and his kids grow into young
adulthood, David begins to struggle with a melancholia that
gradually threatens to engulf him. While epic in scope this film
remains unerringly attuned to the inner lives of the family,
portraying their heartbreaks and joys with sincerity and grace.\

MARCH 20: 7 PM
DIR: Philippe Falardeau
108 minutes
Fr, Eng, Creole, w. subtitles
Cast: Patrick Huard, Suzanne
Clément, Irdens Exantus
In this satirical look at the vagaries of Canadian politics, an MP
finds himself thrust suddenly into the spotlight, and it’s up to his
young Haitian intern to help the hapless backbencher navigate
the complexities and pitfalls of Parliament Hill. Canadians’
tendency to focus on the regional and specific at the expense
of the wider picture is exposed. This gently skewering satire
demonstrates that sometimes it takes an outsider to explain
the workings, and the value, of the unique system that makes
our democracy (sometimes) function.

MARCH 20: 9:30
Director: Sean Garrity
Canada 2015
95 minutes
Cast: Joey King, Clé Bennett,
Emily Hampshire
Jonah gambles. Jonah borrows a lot of money. Jonah loses
the money, so much money that it leaves the loan-shark
threatening him, his daughter, and his dog unless the debt is
paid. Meanwhile, his daughter, Aurora, goes for an eye exam,
the results of which are shared with her father. Unable to tell
her the truth about the devestating diagnosis and unable to
pay his debts, Jonah decides to take Aurora on a road trip to
Churchill, Manitoba, to see the single more incredible sight he
has seen: the Northern Lights.


A little about me

ncoyne3Norm Coyne has been active in local arts, entertainment and promotions for 15 years. He developed the Scene PG to provide local artists and musicians with exposure as well as connect a broader audience to the events and talent Prince George has to offer.


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