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Norm Coyne

Norm Coyne

Promotions Executive
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Who Is CrossFit Northern ICE & CrossFit Kids Northern ICE?

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At some point we’ve all heard a little something about CrossFit. Either you’ve watched the
CrossFit games or you know someone that does CrossFit (Because that is ALL they talk about!!)
Some people get scared when they hear of CROSSFIT and maybe you should, depending on
where you are training. There are many ‘CrossFit’ gyms out there, some are legit and some
claim to be CrossFit but it’s not ‘True CrossFit’. Be careful… Not all CrossFit gyms are created
equal, pick the BEST CrossFit gym for you! What are your goals? What is the coaching like? Are
you getting your money’s worth?

Who Is CrossFit Northern ICE & CrossFit Kids Northern ICE?

Steve, better known as 'Coach Steve' is the head coach & the face of CrossFit Northern ICE.
He’s been coaching in the community since the age of 16 & CrossFitting since 2010.

If you know Coach Steve, you know that he pours his heart and soul into coaching and teaching,
this is his passion. The relationship Coach Steve has with athletes is honest and he’s able to
understand each athlete’s physical and mental abilities to be able to inspire confidence for each

CrossFit Northern ICE prides themselves as effective trainers to recognize each athlete has
different needs and goals. “It’s our responsibility to determine how to relate to and motivate
each individual to help them accomplish their goals”.

CrossFit Northern ICE trainers demonstrate interpersonal skills with an ability to interact and
communicate with each athlete individually; this comes with decades of coaching experience.
CrossFit Northern ICE expects any coach to also have the knowledge, experience and the ability
to teach CrossFit movements. Coaches need to be able to see movements and know exactly
how to make it better quickly by appropriately correcting movements to prevent injuries and
always upholding a positive presence and attitude.

CrossFit Northern ICE ensures you know the mechanics of the movements, this means moving
yourself and external objects in the most efficient, effective and safest manner possible. When
athletes are able to consistently perform the movement, rep after rep without instruction, then
and ONLY then are you able to move on to intensity. Yes, this may mean using a broom stick or
very light weighted bar in the workout, until the mechanics of the movement is consistent.

--- Stan has been a member of CrossFit Northern ICE since Aug 2014, coming 3 days a
week. In 3 months you can see the hard work Stan has put into CrossFit and has adapted
some of the nutritional support we provide. Stan is our Featured Athlete of the Month so
we asked him some questions and this is what he had to say…
1. What made you try CrossFit?

I had seen the CrossFit games on TV.  I had tried CrossFit at another gym and there was
no instruction at all.  I saw the poster at Downtown Fitness studio about trying a free
class and so I wanted to give it another try in a different gym than the first.

2. What is your biggest CrossFit accomplishment to date?
My biggest accomplishment was 13 pull-ups.  Previously it was 8. This is in only 3 month
of training CrossFit.

3. How has CrossFit Northern ICE Change your life, lifestyle, or fitness?
Even though I ran, biked or lifted weights I could not lose my belly fat.  I might lose some
for a while but it would always come back.  I am losing it now and I know that as long as
I keep up what I'm doing I won't gain it back.

4. What do you like most about CrossFit Northern ICE?
I like the personalized instruction and the way each workout is scaled for each person’s
abilities.  I also like getting to know the other members much more than I would in a
regular gym.  Encouragement from everyone is really appreciated.  When it's near the
end of a difficult workout, it helps me to make it through to the end.

5. What are your next CrossFit goals?
My goals are to continue to lose weight around my waist, learn to skip Double-Unders,
gain enough strength to do a muscle up, and to be able to lift more on all strength

6.  What is your favorite WOD/movement?
I don't really have a favorite.

7. What is your least favorite WOD/movement?
I don't have enough flexibility to do overhead squats well.  They feel awkward.

8. What advice would you give someone wanting to try CrossFit Northern ICE but is
not sure?
You can try it out for free a few times.  If you aren't very fit everything can be scaled to
what you can do.  If you don't like it then at least you will have tried and it won't cost

Other Testimonials…

~ My son, Skylar, first started CrossFit Kid's under Steve and Marcie’s guidance in October
2012. He joined as part of a mandatory dryland training session for the first rep hockey team he
made, Peewee Tier 4. He was always an athlete, but quickly found out how hard it was going to
be to compete at an elite level. Steve and Marcie helped him set some personal goals and
taught him the basic skills he was going to need to start training. While it was more challenging
than any other training he'd done, he was instantly hooked. Even when it was no longer
required training for the team, he insisted that he continue in the program.

He's now been involved with Steve & Marcie at CrossFit for two years, in both the Teen
Program and their ‘Off-Season’ Summer Program. The Off-Season training helped get him into
shape over the summer, which is usually a down time, and he gained additional skills. His
agility, strength, balance, speed and general work ethic have improved tremendously. On top of
all that, he is generally just a healthier kid. These are all skills that he was going to need if he
was going to continue playing hockey at an elite level.

The nutritional guidance that is provided has changed his eating habits for the better and
allowed him to, athletically, achieve his goals. He now understands the meaning of hard work
and loves being able to see the results of all that work.
I have no problem letting Steve & Marcie provide training as I know safety is of utmost
importance to them. While recovering from a concussion, they eased my son back into training
and provided guidance during the recovery time.

I’m happy to say that Skylar has made tremendous strides in his hockey development, He went
from barely making any rep team his first year of peewee to making the Bantam Tier 2 hockey
team his first year in the division. I attribute this entirely to Steve & Marcie & CrossFit Northern
ICE programs, I know he put in the work, but they gave him the tools. On top of the very busy
hockey schedule, he is currently playing Junior Bantam city league football and Junior Varsity
football on a high school level. He would never be able to balance such a heavy load without the
stamina, strength, and discipline that he has gained through the CrossFit Kid program.
As a parent, I highly recommend CrossFit Northern Ice’s program for any kids that are looking to
take the next step in their athletic training and who are willing to work hard for their results.
We look forward to many more years of training and guidance from Steve & Marcie through the
CrossFit Northern Ice gym.

Sincerely, Corrine
Prince George

~ Tonight at CrossFit Northern Ice I strung together Double-Unders for the first time and I also
got a PR for clean and jerk! So proud!! Thank you so much for such a fun, motivating and
encouraging atmosphere, but also for great coaching!! A great gym to try!! Thanks Steve and
Marcie!! :)
Prince George

~ Mitchell has been playing hockey since he was 4 years old. He's always been successful in
the PG rep hockey program and BC Interior Spring hockey. When he was 15, he made it his
goal to make the Caribou Cougar Major Midget team, to achieve this he would need to get to
another level of fitness.
Mitchell had tried many other workout programs, but didn’t really enjoy any of them, and we
didn’t see and improvement in his fitness levels. He then tried Steve and Marcie's CrossFit 'Off-
Season' Summer program. He was quick to like the CrossFit program, Steve & Marcie's level of
caring about what each athlete is trying to achieve in their sport is shown with great enthusiasm
every workout, they truly do go above and beyond to help each child set and achieve their

For the past 2 summers, Mitchell has attended the early morning class without complaint, as a
parent, that is success in itself for a teenager to get up early all summer long and not complain
or make excuses on the way to the gym each day.
A pleasant surprise to me was Mitchell listened to them about making healthier eating choices,
how to fuel his body to be an elite athlete. He would often think twice about what he should or
should not be eating each day.

As well as the nutrition they focus on work ethic, speed, strength and agility and focus on what
each child needs to improve on most to achieve their goals.
As coaches they are diligent on being sure the kids are lifting safe weights and technique is
perfect to avoid injuries. While Mitchell is 6 feet, 190 lbs, his partner may not be, and that is
always taken into careful consideration that each athlete is working to their personal abilities.
While being serious about fitness and achieving each athlete’s maximum level, the kids also
have fun and make friends while improving their fitness level.

Mitchell made the Caribou Cougars as a first year 15 year old midget last year and credits a lot
of his success to Steve & Marcie's CrossFit 'Off-Season' Summer Program, even now Mitchell
says he can hear Marcie in his head telling him to dig deep…..he can do it!
This year he is again with the Caribou Cougars and an affiliate player for the Vernon Vipers, we
are sure that he will be spending his 3rd summer with Marcie and Steve next year.

 ~ Ben and Cindy
Prince George, BC

Are you in the loop?

There’s a certain amount of courage - and crazy - required to give everything up and follow your dream.

Three years ago, Matt Crowell took his degree in marketing – earned while playing Division I hockey in Rochester – and $800 from his chequing account and put it all on the fanciful notion of starting his own company.

The Kelowna-based Get in the Loop started as a way to provide local golfers with deals at premium courses, but has grown into a subscription service where scores of businesses can connect with customers.

“It started first with text messages and then translated to emails and now with iPhone and Android notifications all within three years,” Crowell said.

What does it mean to be in the Loop?

Within the app, a “Loop” is a collection of the company’s partners providing premium offers based on the user’s lifestyle and interests. Don’t like golf? Simply turn off the golf loop. Members can customize the app to only receive the deals in the categories they want - no spam.

Offers are automatically sent to your Apple or Android mobile device - no printing of coupons necessary - as soon as they’re made available. And unlike other deal services, there’s no need to pre-purchase the deals months in advance.

For example, Get in the Loop has partnered with the local WHL team. Members (who get free access if they hold Prince George Cougars season tickets) can check the Cougars loop to see what deals are available if you want to grab a bite before or after the game.

Get in the Loop memberships are also free for UNBC and CNC students as well as Prince George Citizen subscribers. All other memberships are available for $29 per year. And with deals such as two-for-one appetizers, 25 per cent of green fees and cheap nights out, it’s a membership that quickly pays for itself.

Once Get in the Loop began to grow, Crowell took another leap.

“All in the same day I quit my job, I sold my condo and I sold my car and I enrolled myself in a master’s degree at Antwerp Management School in Belgium,” he said.

Today, Get in the Loop has a crew of 17, connections with businesses in 12 cities and, on average, a couple of hundred deals available per day. “So I kind of put it all on the line and it seems to have worked out,” Crowell said. “You have to take risks while you’re young and you’ve got to take chances to find out that there’s cool opportunities out there.”

For more, head to or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Pretty in Pink

A self-proclaimed girly-girl, Mandy Paavola’s home make up studio is decked out with the brightest pink you can imagine.

PGSG-140915-MZ-A.pdf - Adobe Reader 2014-09-22 12-56-22

But despite the seemingly dainty exterior, Mandy has a gruesome side. So yeah, her studio might smack you in the face with colour, but Mandy can actually make you look like you had a run in with a two-by-four. The mother of two behind M.P. Make-up Artistry is a film set veteran and winner of two Leo Awards – handed out by the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Foundation of B.C. – for special effects makeup. A P.G. native, Mandy and her family relocated to the city from Vancouver nearly four years ago. But just because you take the girl out of Hollywood North, doesn’t mean you take the Hollywood North out of the girl. “I have a warm spot in my heart for special effects. If I can cover someone in blood, I’m really happy.” Naturally, Halloween is Mandy’s favourite time of year and she’s constantly studying for her next disfigurement, whether it’s taking a peek at injuries online, collecting photos from friend’s nursing textbooks or even documenting her own children’s scrapes and bruises.

“It’s kind of neat because my kids – who are almost four and almost six – they almost always ask to have a photo taken if there’s something going on,” said Mandy, who trained as a visual artist before studying to become a make-up artist. “My

daughter got stitches and that was my first experience with real stitches and we took lots of pictures because it’s good reference material.” But even more than playing with prosthetics and fake wounds, Mandy loves to make people beautiful.

Whether she’s doing face or body painting or preparing a bride for her big day, Mandy said she sets out create a memorable experience. “I want whoever comes into my studio that when they leave we’ve made a connection somehow. I don’t want you to Continued from page 38 just feel like you came in and paid me to do your hair and makeup. I want you to feel like you’ve made a new friend.”

It’s a strategy that pays off, as Mandy said many clients have turned into close friends over the years.

Being a make-up artist can be a little like being a psychiatrist, according to Mandy. But it’s an easy role for the outgoing brunette to fill. “It feels good to be able to help people.” See what Mandy has to offer at

A little about me

ncoyne3Norm Coyne has been active in local arts, entertainment and promotions for 15 years. He developed the Scene PG to provide local artists and musicians with exposure as well as connect a broader audience to the events and talent Prince George has to offer.


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