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The impending passing of Tragically Hip singer Gord Downie hits especially close for the country’s creators.

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Ani Kyd has always been bigger than her surroundings. When she lived in the Lower Mainland, she was always the brashy and brassy one even in the flashy punk and metal scenes where she was a star.

It took a lot for Dayna Slater to bring her art out into the public to be seen.

The Black Donkey Café is the downtown eatery you can really use. When this restaurant has themes and promotions, it is almost never about the food on the menu or the hot beverages on the feature board. Their themes are about activities. Owner Chris Blackier recognized there were plenty of places to go and eat things. Few of them offered a place to also do things. Music, art, games and entertainment are on the Black Donkey menu, and they are usually free of charge.

From a young age, Chelsea Gibson knew she had the power to help people. As a child, Gibson may not have understood what that power was, but she knew people were hurting and she wanted to make them feel better.

Michael Coleman - Bio

Aaron Harrison is like the guide outfitter of the Canadian film and television industry.

Andy Poon was scribbling away at his teenage hobby. Life as an extra in the movie industry is interminable boredom, most of the time, and this was only Day 1 of a five-day shoot for the second X-Men film.

PAINTER AMIE STOLTZ Is Splattering FanCon with Empire Force

An intoxicating event shines like a gem from the heart of Northern FanCon. The latest book in the Amethyst franchise will be released to the world that same weekend, and founder / head writer Chris Dias will launch it exclusively at FanCon before the rest of the universe gets to see it.

There are stars who come to Northern FanCon and then there are stars who would pay to come to Northern FanCon.

For 20 years, a dream has been fermenting in the brain of Daryl Leiski. It sweetened and gathered body as he experimented with small batches of beer he’d craft in his basement.

The intricacies of Nicky Kumar’s work would suggest a meticulous level of planning and foresight before putting pen to paper.

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ncoyne3Norm Coyne has been active in local arts, entertainment and promotions for 15 years. He developed the Scene PG to provide local artists and musicians with exposure as well as connect a broader audience to the events and talent Prince George has to offer.


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