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There’s a certain amount of courage - and crazy - required to give everything up and follow your dream.

I will always remember my first day in his classroom for grade ten media. His opening words to our group were the following, “This is an English media class. If English is not your first language, I suggest you drop this course. We are not here to watch movies and TV shows all day.” He then followed with, “if the word ‘like’ is repeatedly used out of context, I will fail your presentation.

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Changing your life doesn’t have to be a painful process. According to life coach, spiritual teacher, author and motivational speaker David Wahlund’s, there are 10 key elements to making that change.

(Photo Credits: James Doyle) Despite claims from my great Aunt that my Portuguese blood tracks back to Vasco Da Gama, I believe there must be a drop of Persian flowing somewhere in my veins. How else can anyone explain my appetite for rosewater?

Awakening. A fitting name for what transpired in early July within the valley along the Sukunka River. Those inspired to make the journey would protest to it as so. For a higher vibrational way of life was seen and experienced by those who attended, leaving with them a lasting impression and restored vitality with hope for what is to come. It was a place where all were welcome and all were embraced as they were, coming together to celebrate the moment in unity for all it had to offer.


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When I say locally sourced foods, you say hipster. But the brains behind Home Sweet Home aren’t looking to jump on a fad of overpriced groceries. Diandra Oliver and Laura Sapergia are looking to fill the downtown Prince George grocery store chasm with healthy options that won’t break the bank.

With an enviable facility and the Western Canada
points leader among their number, there are lots
of eyes on the Corvettes North Car Club and BC
Northern Autocross Association.

Just because life can be
less hectic in the north,
doesn’t mean it’s slow.

Prince George! School will be out, summer jobs are starting, and you will be heading outside to enjoy summer activities, sitting less and moving more, planning a road trip with family and friends. With the sun high in the sky and warmer weather ahead, it’s a great time to check in on good health and summer safety. Here are some tips to make sure you make the most of your summer:

As one of the few girls in the sport, it took some time before Sara King was welcomed into the motocross family. The 16 year old has been racing for eight years, and when she started out, the boys she raced with for the first couple of years weren’t too fond of her.Sara King, Photo Credit: Trevor Moore

It took moving away to Australia for Chelsea Miller to truly appreciate how connected she feels to her home in Prince George.

By Brandon Grant, Northern Health men’s health coordinator;
Meghan Mcquhae, Northern Health men’s health
program practicum student; and Jasmine Ford, Northern
health men’s health program practicum student.
We’re all repeatedly told that physical activity is an
important part of a healthy lifestyle, but if you’re
like me, tuition and rent take priority over an expensive
membership to a local gym. So how can
we add activity into our daily lives cheaply (or better
yet, for free) and easily? Getting active doesn’t
have to cost money or take time away from having

There is some new trim in town….
Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop
has opened a brand new location in
Pine Centre.

Tasha Wall was sick and tired of being unhappy.
A young woman in her early 20s, Wall would wake
up every day with her outward appearance affecting
her inner wellbeing.

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ncoyne3Norm Coyne has been active in local arts, entertainment and promotions for 15 years. He developed the Scene PG to provide local artists and musicians with exposure as well as connect a broader audience to the events and talent Prince George has to offer.


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