08 Nov 2012


PeteSmalltown Pete. In this photo: SMALLTOWN DJS This is a photo from DJ Roberto Claudio's album Austin TakeoverCarrying on the momentum our city has seen with bigger club shows this year, we are proud to present another SCENE PG EXCLUSIVE featuring….. SMALLTOWN DJ’S & GRANDTHEFT!! This will undoubtedly be on e of the most epic events ever to sear a club dance floor in PG. Tickets are $20 and will be available at Ruins and Homework next week.

SMALLTOWN DJS: If your ears work, you can’t not have fun at a Smalltown DJs gig. That’s a scientific fact. Look it up.The Canadian duo’s uncanny ability to make crowds feel like schoolkids at recess stems naturally from their focus on maximizing fun for themselves. This fun maximization philosophy is the unifying force be-hind the Smalltown’s genre-warping club sets, which tend to cover vast musical territory but never veer from the good times vibe. In their focus on music as a means of letting loose and having fun, Smalltown DJs are like the KISS of dance music. Actually, KISS are too theatrical. They’re more like AC/DC. Meets Raffi. At a water-slide park. With a lot (a LOT) of beer.

GRANDTHEFT: Grandtheft is a Producer/Songwriter/DJ currently based in Toronto, Canada. He is also known as one half of the Team Canada DJs duo, founder of The Eh! Team and founder of one of Montreal’s favourite dance clubs Blue Dog. Establishing a eclectic, custom club sound by playing largely his own originals, remixes and video edits, Grandtheft has slayed clubs worldwide and is respected as one of the best live DJs Canada has to offer. His music has garnered heavy support from the likes of Diplo, Major Lazer, A-Trak, Nadastrom, Jazzy Jeff, DJ AM, Digitalism and Craze which has also led to some big spins on BBC Radio 1. Touring 150+ dates per year, his remixes and live sets have led to being booked to support acts from U2 to Arcade Fire to Avicii, and being hand-picked by celebs such as Seth Rogan and Paris Hilton to supply the soundtrack for their events. New Years 2012, Grandtheft performed live-to-air on national TV as the sole DJ for the MuchMusic throwback Electric Circus celebration. Coming up under the late DJ AM’s wing, Team Canada’s reign included playing clubs across the US and performing at most major Canadian events nationwide, including Canada Day on Parliament HIll (crowd of 100 000+) and being selected as the Official DJs to The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver/Whistler. http://www.myspace.com/grandtheezy/music


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