22 Feb 2013

While art has always been a part of Denise
Godeau’s life, it wasn’t until her first experience
at Shambala that she found its soul.

Next summer will mark the Prince George resident’s
sixth excursion to the West Kootenays music festival, an
atmosphere that inspired Godeau to really throw herself
into the world of oils and acrylics.

“I found some pretty visionary art down there,” she

In a way, the electronic dance music scene is reflected
in her work, paintings which are a blend of realist
figures in abstract environments.

Drawing for as long as she could hold a pencil,
Godeau was lured from cartoon and anime figures into
more lifelike likenesses.

“I was really inspired by figure work and trying to capture
someone’s spirit and essence in a painting,” she

Godeau’s work has been seen around town at Nancy
O’s, in Victoria at Cabin 12 and on the web via her
Facebook page and personal website, denise godeau.

She credits Facebook with helping her really make
a name for herself and her art. Her fan page, Denise
Godeau’s Art and Designs, was set up in 2010 and has
more than 1,300 Likes.

The self taught artist, who describes painting as an
obsession, hasn’t limited herself to paint on canvas.

A recent graduate of College of New Caledonia’s
new media program, Godeau is a graphic designer
by trade and has delved into the digital art world
of Photoshop and tablet work.

She has also collaborated with
other local artists to step out from behind the canvas
and computer and in front on the camera lens.

“Photography and photoshoots are a fun side project,”
she said of her modeling shots, which began by
modeling jewelry and accessories for friend Amanda

The collaborations bring new ideas and more exposure,
which all lead to a dream of being able to devote
herself to her art full time.

“That is definitely one of my biggest goals in life,”
Godeau said.

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Charelle Evelyn

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